Author's Official Website! Those who said I would never amount to much must look pretty foolish now.

For those unfamiliar with my writing, perhaps I should explain something about my style. I am, first and foremost, a serious writer, a serious writer who after about half a page of being serious drifts into the comedic. So I suppose you could say that my style falls (and 'falls' is probably the right word) somewhere between the two. This is not such a bad thing as there is only so much lyrical waxing one can endure per sitting–writer and reader both. And I'll hear nothing of the malicious gossip that asserts I am simply hedging my bets.

Upcountry is my first published book (as in one that I actually get paid for writing). A sequel is being penned at this moment; so too is a novel. The progress of both will be posted on this – Author's Official – Website.